We aim to influence the progress of sustainability, working to promote a culture of responsibility and sustainability in alliance with academic institutions, non-governmental organizations, business associations, the public sector and the press.

Research and Training:

We continue to research and investigate the evolution and impact of corporate responsibility and sustainability in our country and around the world. Using the knowledge we gain and our experience in the field, we work with the Universidad Austral-IAE (Austral University School of Business and Management) and Universidad de San Andrés (San Andrés University) to integrate CSR into the education of present and future businessmen and businesswomen. We have also collaborated with the argentine branch of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (CEADS) and other organizations, providing training on the various standards and on the latest trends for promoting sustainable business practices.

Communication and Diffusion:

Through conferences, newspapers and magazines, and "Noticas RSE", the radio broadcast we co-produce with Radio Cultura de Buenos Aires, we help spread the knowledge and benefits of corporate responsibility, informing broader society about the advances taking place in this field and the changes it is causing in our country and the world.


NOTICIAS RSE, promoting CSR since 2004. Tuesdays at 10:00, 97.9 MHZ. Co-produced
by Radio Cultura of Buenos Aires and ReporteSocial.