Executive Director

Mercedes was one of the first CSR Managers in Argentina, integrating CSR into the strategy and management of businesses in accordance with international standards.

In 2004, she founded ReporteSocial with the goal of promoting Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability and creating a space for research, thought, and strategic assessment to bring innovative solutions to companies looking to integrate sustainability into their businesses.

With a law degree from the Universidad de Buenos Aires (University of Buenos Aires) and a Masters in Corporate Law from Universidad Austral-IAE (Austral University School of Business and Management), Mercedes was one of the first CSR Managers in Argentina, and she now has more than eleven years of experience working on CSR and sustainable business practices. She is a member of the Global Reporting Initiative's (GRI) "G3 Practitioners Network" and is currently helping develop the G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. She has contributed with CSR research at Universidad Austral-IAE and teaches a class on reporting processes and stakeholder engagement in their MBA program. She is also a teacher in PROCARSE, the CSR Training Program of the Universidad de San Andrés (University of San Andrés). In 2011, Mercedes gave a course on ISO 26000 and the GRI and Global Compact standards at Argentina's first ISO 26000 workshop, organized by IRAM and the Argentine branch of the WBCSD. She writes for and has been featured in newspapers and magazines (Cronista Comercial, Apertura, Infobae, Visión Sustentable, etc.), radio and television (Continental, Radio Cultura, Canal P+E), and has spoken about CSR at many different conferences. Since March of 2004, she conducts "Noticias RSE", a CSR news program co-produced by ReporteSocial and Radio Cultura that is broadcast on Radio Cultura de Buenos Aires.

We are a team of professionals promoting and advising organizations on the responsible and sustainable management of their activities; generating economic, social, and environmental value, working with local and international standards and best practices.


Our vision is that of a sustainable world, based on responsible management organizational models, where economic, social and environmental impacts are considered, generating a good quality of life for everyone.

Our Values


We are committed to being honest and transparent in all our actions, communications, and reports.


We strive to be responsible citizens and, at the same time, promote responsibility in business, acting professionally, efficiently, and with dedication.


To promote corporate responsibility and sustainability and its integration into business management, working with companies to improve their competitiveness and their economic, social, and environmental impact, thereby creating benefits for the company, its stakeholders, and society as a whole.


We are open to sharing ideas, diversity of thought, intra and inter-sectorial relationships, and working in partnership with all those who seek to contribute to sustainable development.


We want to inspire those that work with us and be agents of change, constantly searching for the most recent and creative sustainability solutions and adapting them to the specific needs of our clients.